Self-Ballasted Lights

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Our Self-Ballasted light is T5 Retrofit. It is elegantly designed for quick and easy installation, directly mounting onto the traditional T8 fitting.

Our product's main advantages are;

1. It uses tri-phospor powder to create:

  • higher luminance in comparison to halogen powder used in conventional T8.
  • minimal lead (Pb) content.
  • super long life span.

2. It is self-ballasted resulting in:

  • immediate startup.
  • maintenance free - no longer need the starter and the choke (magnetic ballast).
  • electrical consumption savings of approximately 50%.

3. It is available in daylight color and the size can be 4ft and 2ft.

4. Below is the comparison table of T5 retrofit against T8.

Comparison of T5 Retrofit and T8

AVR T5 Retrofit 36W T8 Fluorescent Tube 36W T8 Fluorescent Tube
Starting Style Self-Ballasted Inductive Electronic
Normal Working Voltages 150V-260V 190V-240V 180V-260V
Power 22W 40W-45W 36W
Fluorescent Powder Tri-Phosphor Rare Earth Halogen Halogen
Start up speed <0.4s 2S-4s <1.5s
Current 0.12A 0.32A 0.19A
Power Factor >0.8 0.55 0.55
Nose Level None High Low
LM Output >95LM/W 55-65LM/W 55-70LM/W
Electric Consumption 24/12hr** RM97.38/RM48.69 RM153.02/RM76.50 RM125.20/RM62.60


** assume rate is RM0.397/kWH

** for more savings do bypass the magnetic ballast during installation

Pictures of T5 Retrofit (click to enlarge)

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