HydroCarbon Gas - model COLD22

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Globally the world refrigerant industry currently uses CFC, HCFC and HFC based refrigerants. However, since the Montreal Protocol (on Ozone Layer) and the Kyoto Protocol 1997 (on Global Warming), efforts have been initiated to reduce the usage of ozone depleting agents and reduce the Global Warming Effect.

Malaysia, being a party of the Montreal Protocol as an "Article 5 Country", has agreed on the following step down and phase out schedule:

  1. reduction of 10% by 2015
  2. reduction of 35% by 2020
  3. reduction of 67.5 by 2025
  4. reduction of 100% by 2030
Our Hydrocarbon gas product roll-out will support Malaysia's commitments to the Montreal and Kyoto Protocol.

Product Description

  1. Hydrocarbon Natural Gas for use in Aircond refrigerant.
  2. Blend of Propane (R-29) and Ethane (R-170), manufactured by Linde Germany.
  3. Designed to replace HCFC-22 (R222).
  4. Green Product with ODP = 0, GWP = 3 (vs HFCs = 1300).
  5. Chemically stable, non-corrosive, does not need to be recovered/destroyed, no restriction on usage.
  6. Easy to install with no changes to the airconditioning infrastructure.
  7. Endorsed by Green Peace and in full compliance with Montreal and Kyoto Protocol .
  8. Guaranteed savings of between 10 to 20%.
  9. Return of investment within 6 to 24 months.


  • Suitable to replace all air-conditioners and chillers using R22 gas.

Successful projects/ Customer references in Malaysia

  1. Westport, MISC, Telekom Malaysia.
  2. Westin Langkawi, Casa Delmar Langkawi, Berjaya Langkawi
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