HVAC Aircond Saver - model ECOTOWER

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Our ECOTOWER is a HVAC Energy Saving and Chemical Water Treatment System. It uses pulse and silver ionization technologies to ensure clean cool water circulate in the cooling tower.

Product Description

Approximately 60% to 70% of the electricity consumed in commmercial building is attributed to the AirConditioning System. The costs to run such a system can lead to thousands of dollars every month. Therefore, the opportunity for savings is tremendous.

The Ecotower HVAC water treatment technology's benefits are:

  1. Reduces electricty consumption by up to 40% by keeping the system perfectly clean.
  2. Reduces water consumption by up to 50% by improving the quality of the water.
  3. Eliminates cleaning chemicals, making your system safer for your staffs and visitors.
  4. Reduces Legionella and other bacteria.
  5. Lower maintenance costs, extending equipment life and increasing your profits.
  6. Offers profit sharing, so no capital expenditure and no risks.


  1. Suitable for buildings with central airconditioning and heating.
  2. Examples include hotels, shopping complexes, hospitals and large factories.

Successful projects/ Customer references in USA

  1. Holdiay Inn, Erickson, Hampton.
Pictures of EcoTower installation (click to enlarge)

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