Electronic Aircond Saver - model TNK KT-VI

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Our Electronic Aircond Saver helps to reduce energy consumption by minimizing/controlling the overcapacity of the aircond capacity relative to the room size.

Product Description

Airconditioning contributes a sizeable cost in running any operations in a hot climate. Places like houses, hotels, offices, factories and commercial buildings all need airconditioning. Therefore, the opportunity for energy savings is tremendous.

The Electronic Aircond Saver technology:

  1. Intelligently detects the air temperature and controls the thermostat to efficiently regulate the aircond compressor.
  2. Suitable for all split systems, i.e. one aircond to one compressor system (not central airconditioning).
  3. Guaranteed energy savings between 10% to 40%.
  4. Easy installation, requiring only power source from aircond unit.
  5. No need maintenance.
  6. Return of investment within 6 to 24 months.


  1. Suitable for all split aircond system in places such as offices, hotels, hostels, dormitories, apartments, and shops.

Successful projects/ Customer references in Malaysia

  1. ING, Dr.Oo Clinic, Nandos Malacca.
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